Simple actuator design test

Autodesk inventor is a pain for animating stuff like this but I’m never one to shy from a challenge 🙂

A large elasticated band supports the weight of the user, and platform, and the linear actuator lifts and lowers them. Fast, responsive and most importantly : cheap! Seems pretty crazy that you can spend $4k on an actuator for every motion range except heave!

HAXLR8R Entry filed

Now it’s just a matter of time waiting to see what happens….. On Wednesday I wasn’t even sure it would be done, I rebooted my laptop and suddenly neither video card would work… turns out it was some stupid bug from the latest Oculus drivers which leaves an entry in your registry causing the fail. AVG was hanging when I tried to get into safemode and I was pulling my hair out for 7 hours until I figured what the problem was. It seems like problems get worse when you’re under pressure but I kept it together, tried the usual fixes and problem solving until I finally pin pointed it. Brand new obscure bugs are the worst to track down since only a handful of people have also had it…

In the meantime I decided to do a little research in to KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators. Basically you head over to, type in the URL of your competitors in your field and it throws a bunch of information back at you such as the estimate of their traffic, where most of their links come from and where they advertise…. it’s really very neat, and free. A great way to check out other simulators.

It’s pretty hard to know exactly how many sales the other companies are getting but comparing our traffic to most of the others puts us in a pretty nice position already, despite only having a website for a short time and still have no product to sell. it seems most of the other sim makers out there are resting on their laurels and we’re going to swoop in and pick up all their potential customers! 🙂

Since I have my freshly revived skills of video editting back in use I think it’s time to put together a proper video of exactly what the feelthree is, how it works and why it’s so cool. This is long over due and means people will have a 5 minute visual demonstration of all the cool ideas we have and how we’ll manage to put it together so affordably…

Watch this space!

Rotation and G forces

Let see if I can figure out what the other sims available have in their specifications to see what I need to aim for.

CKAS Thruxim

  • static overload (G-force) = up to 0.5G
  • dynamic overload = up to 2G

Blue Tiger

“BlueTiger provides ±20° of independent pitch and ±20° of independent roll. However, the nature of the BlueTiger geometry also moves the rider through ±10″ heave, ±8″ surge, and ±8″ sway associated with the pitch and roll movements.” No details

Motion Simulation

None, their ‘motion’ simulator doesn’t move, and their tag line is “Motion Simulation – Prepare to be moved” :p


“It’s not how far you move, nor about how many degrees of freedom. Rather it’s how fast you accelerate that movement and the sensations interpreted by the brain.” No details.


“Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces”. No details.

Simcraft Apex3

  • Roll 50 degrees       (+/- 25)
  • Pitch 25 degrees       (+/- 12.5)
  • Yaw 50 degrees       (+/- 25)


Max Speed……………..60 deg/s
Max Acceleration……..167 deg/s/s

And “ Guaranteed ZERO latency™ “.



Atomic A2

Maximum velocity
71.2 degrees/second
Maximum torque
64.4 Nm
Maximum pitch & roll
27 degrees

Motion for Simulators

Uncopyable pictures, but max 36 deg/s

Force Dynamics


Roll: +/- 30 degrees
Pitch: +/- 30 degrees
Heave: +/- 20cm (8 inches)
Yaw: +/- 90 degrees


Hmmmm, it seems like a lot of companies prefer flowery language and nice designs rather than hard figures.


Another aborted project

The more I dig into google the more I realise that my idea isn’t quite as unique as I supposed.

Doesn’t seem like anyone has actually figured it out completely.

Qubit Sphere

Similar idea on kickstarter.

Not sure how I missed this one but they didn’t add any usual keywords such as ‘3DOF’ or ‘motion simulator’…

They wanted $48,000 for the project and the unit’s would cost $5k….

They managed to get $192 in funds 🙁


So, here is a great lesson perhaps in how not to kickstart something.

No website.

No facebook connected.

No projects backed.

Badly produced video, especially the sound.

Overly ambitious goal.

And it looks like you could easily be decapitated when it’s moving…. :p