Simple actuator design test

Autodesk inventor is a pain for animating stuff like this but I’m never one to shy from a challenge šŸ™‚

A large elasticated band supports the weight of the user, and platform, and the linear actuator lifts and lowers them. Fast, responsive and most importantly : cheap! Seems pretty crazy that you can spend $4k on an actuator for every motion range except heave!

Animated Chain

In order to make a really compelling demonstration video we need to show the chains moving the sphere but despite watching several videos this has eluded me. So I sat down, broke it down to just what I need to figure out and made this:

So near!! It messes up about halfway through but I’m quite happy since this is progress… greyscale, basic as hell progress but I’ll take that! šŸ™‚

Omnichain render

So it’s reasonably simple to animate an object following a path, but then patterning that object so there are several hundred all moving along the same path feels a little trickier :p


I followed this tutorial :

New base

I did mention using one double long chain for one rotation axis but I think a lot can be said for just using the same length for both. This reduces part numbers since we can just use the same bits. Standard configuration would come as a 4 part X as shown below but users could also conceivably have 6 or even 8 configurations.

This version is just a couple of aluminium extrusions strengthening two boards of laminated wood, obviously it’s missing some lateral support. If I could also somehow lose the round ‘safety skirt’ or make it optional that would also be nice…

wood base