Standard Configuration*

Hexagonal base with three motors/omniwheels. This will be partly assembled and quick to connect together.

1.5m metal sphere. The user will need to build this from individual curved panels. Will take a number of hours, but will be very simple.

1.5m Rim.

Chair base, with tactile transducer (and other electronics) under the seat.

2 locking arm rests with three degrees movement. Height, angle and forward distance. Tactile transducer in each.

2 Controller plates which allow the user to quick release their throttle/stick if required.

4 point harness.

Elasticated inner sphere cover which stretches around the chair base.

Adjustable seat plate.

NO seat. Users prefer to choose their own seats, like their controllers, and these are readily available and inexpensive worldwide.

100% Vive, Valve Index, Pimix 5k/8k compatible. Oculus Rift support coming soon.

A standard hemisphere allows 90-100° pitch and roll, and  3600° yaw rotation (ie five complete rotations in one direction).  Yaw rotations are washed out by other movement.

Pitch/Roll Speed is 70-110°/sec, depending on user weight. Yaw speed is 180°+.

Additional paid options

  1. Pedal shelf/Foot rest. Distance and angle adjustable. Tactile Transducer inside. Invertible.
  2. Wheel/Yoke shelf. Quick release attach onto arm rests, with lower side mount for stick shifter.
  3. 6 Motor configuration. Each wedge has a motor for improved torque and responsiveness.
  4. Third Party game telemetry software with support for 80+ games.
  5. A range of compatible chairs.
  6. Extra panels for more rotation, if 90° pitch and roll isn’t enough.
  7. Overhead cable management arm

Post crowdfunding

  1. LED base lighting
  2. Sphere/Base/chair anodising.
  3. High power front facing fans linked to game speed.

Kickstarter notes:

Buyers will be responsible for paying import taxes and duties in their own countries.

Shipping will be included up to $200 worldwide from the manufacturer to the buyer, but we will be sending units as economically as possible.

Initial Kickstarter version will be strictly a consumer only model, but interested commercial buyers will receive a discount % code for a future commercial  version.

Developers can claim a free development simulator if they add native support and reach reasonable sales targets (or many downloads if a free game).

Users who give demos to other people can receive a referral code to put towards current and future upgrades and options.

*These are all preliminary, and subject to change.