Vision Goals

A vision goal is the next step you would take in a project. You get money to make the design, gather a community and start selling your dream to a wider audience, but the journey doesn’t end there.

Once the Feel Three is out there in it’s basic form, we want to keep pushing.


Adding vertical motion to a platform is quite expensive in terms of power requirements and most other platforms consider it essential. However, humans don’t move up and down much at all, even when flying, driving or shooting aliens in space, but it would still be nice to have. Once the platform is available we’ll be working on a novel approach to adding heave that won’t require loads of expensive motors to move you up and down.


Cutting the cord would be great, so we’ll be looking into power induction through the base so everything can stay in the sphere and you can spin until the cows come home.

Mounts for everything

You have a helicopter collective you want to connect? We want to help you do that. You want to add tactile transducers to every panel? Who are we to argue with that? If you’ve got it, we want to help you attach it.

Bigger and Smaller Spheres

Why should daddy have all the fun? We also recognise that some people are bigger than others and these people should also be feeling their games.

Real life MonkeyBall Game

Ok, you wouldn’t be rolling down the street but it shouldn’t be too hard to make a psuedo monkeyball game where you use your body position to control the ball… that you’re trapped inside and is moving.

Custom Cushions

How about a set of specially designed cushions that form arm rests or have holes for your 5.1 speakers. Small neodynium magnets in the seams lock them onto the steel bolts and make them easy to remove.

Bean Bag Seat

Imagine a cover that goes over the sphere after you’ve filled it with bean bag beans. So you sit inside and squish your beans around to get them how you like them. Now you press a button and a small fan removes the air under the cover ‘locking’ your beans in place. Make a shelf for your laptop or make the cover grip your kindle in just the right spot so you don’t have to hold it. Forget VR, the feel three is a great place to relax too.

Hatch/Door Mounts

A motion simulator should be pretty easy to get in and out of but for people with difficulties we need to develop some special hinges and quick locking plates to help them. With a standard fitting users can incorporate a door in the front or side which can be easily closed or opened without assistance and is as strong as the regular panels.

Hang gliding mode.

Attach a board to the top of a half sphere, lie down and go hang gliding.

Paragliding mode

I’m a paraglider myself but I would always get really nervous when flying near to other people. With a simple frame you can dangle over the sphere and pull your controllers  just like the real thing. Add a couple of motors for feedback to your hands and you can practise flying all day when there is no wind and with no danger.

Motorbike mode

There are a ton of racing simulators but motorbikes don’t get any love in the simulator world, lets change that! Imagine leaning into the corners like professional bikers do or experiencing the Manx TT in VR…. wow!

Demo referral program

So you have an awesome new sim and you want to show it to the world, and WE want you to show it to the world. So if you manage to persuade your friends to join the revolution then we’ll give you (and your friend) some credit towards upgrades. Sign up enough recruits and you’ll have a bunch of free panels waiting to be added to your rig.

If you’re feeling really sociable we’ll also create a special map where people who are willing, can offer to give demos to local people who might not already have such a cool friend as you 🙂 You’ll get to introduce your hobby to nearby people and you might end up making a real life friend with the same interests as you. Some to race cars against, fly Spitfire battles with or explore the Virtual cosmos… and complete that ring of free panels you’re working on 🙂