Unleash the power of the citizens!

I finally posted on the RSI forums about my little project, those crazy space jockeys are essential for my plan so I need to get them on board early. If only 1 in every 10,000 citizens buys a panel for the Feel Threes I’m going to give to Cloud Imperium they’ll have three coders up in Manchester knowing what it really feels like to fly in space!! :p

How much would people pay to see Sandi strapped in and bouncing off some asteroids? Well, the funding would have to be quite a lot to send one to San Diego šŸ™‚

If you like the idea please put in your email on the left so I can let you know when the kickstarter is launched, and spread the word guys. I cannae change the law o’ physics and I cannae do it without you!

To be done and the plan.

For this to have any chance of working a full size prototype is required.

The electronics and software are fairly straight forward, building the rotating base not a huge challenge and the mecanum wheels are availble online to buy, albeit slightly expensive.

The main issue is the panels. Getting them made and paying for them… I am under no illusions that they’re going to be rather expensive. Probably a couple of grand for several sets worth.

The plan breaks down into two main parts now, I need to get a quote for how much they will cost and then see who wants to see them made.

Normally you’d make a kickstarter and start offering t-shirts and widgets to get it done but I believe I have a more cunning method of financing the project. Star citizen alone has 500k people waiting for the game, so instead of offering them a over priced (and frankly worthless (on it’s own)) panel, I say I’ll make a prototype for Cloud Imperium Games in the UK. If I do this for Eve Valkyrie and Elite Dangerous, and let the oculus rift crowd know,Ā  I could probably find a million gamers to chip in the equivalent of a few cents each to get some prototypes made.

I also need a model prototype working to show the principles too as well as printing the mecanum wheel I already designed.

You never know unless you try… I will get in touch with the two likely metal pressing factories nearby and see what they say…. I already started on the kickstarter page last week šŸ™‚