A few ideas for the VR demo.

1. Changing the view to the inside of the sphere.

2. Simple rotating view of the panel components floating in space.

3. Using a hinge for motion/rotation instead of a collider for better control and smoother appearance. It also lessens the CPU work.

4. Ragdoll C-3PO in a sofa version.

5. Set it inside the bridge of a Star Destroyer.

6. R2-D2 and training bot props for flavour :p

7. Enable/disable various elements to increase the FPS and allow you to examine the models a little better.

8. Some simple controls… preferably with a controller thumbstick.

9. A playback demo that everyone could relate to…. having the attack on the death star scene from star wars playing on a virtual screen while the sphere moves in time with lukes X-wing :p


It would be nice to get this version out before the conference on Thursday…. (and to build my sphere)…

Figuring out a better base

Obviously you don’t want a load bearing castor on a shelf, thats a disaster waiting to happen, so the outer one at least  is moved to the center of the frame… These models work so much nice when there isn’t a chain clogging my my CPU 🙂

Two linear bearings on the outside affords about 400mm of travel, which is pretty nice. If you’re wondering how this will be powered without some massive motors… well, stay tuned and find out soon…. 🙂

New Base1680