1. Changing the view to the inside of the sphere.

2. Simple rotating view of the panel components floating in space.

3. Using a hinge for motion/rotation instead of a collider for better control and smoother appearance. It also lessens the CPU work.

4. Ragdoll C-3PO in a sofa version.

5. Set it inside the bridge of a Star Destroyer.

6. R2-D2 and training bot props for flavour :p

7. Enable/disable various elements to increase the FPS and allow you to examine the models a little better.

8. Some simple controls… preferably with a controller thumbstick.

9. A playback demo that everyone could relate to…. having the attack on the death star scene from star wars playing on a virtual screen while the sphere moves in time with lukes X-wing :p


It would be nice to get this version out before the conference on Thursday…. (and to build my sphere)…