Let see if I can figure out what the other sims available have in their specifications to see what I need to aim for.

CKAS Thruxim

  • static overload (G-force) = up to 0.5G
  • dynamic overload = up to 2G

Blue Tiger

“BlueTiger provides ±20° of independent pitch and ±20° of independent roll. However, the nature of the BlueTiger geometry also moves the rider through ±10″ heave, ±8″ surge, and ±8″ sway associated with the pitch and roll movements.” No details

Motion Simulation

None, their ‘motion’ simulator doesn’t move, and their tag line is “Motion Simulation – Prepare to be moved” :p


“It’s not how far you move, nor about how many degrees of freedom. Rather it’s how fast you accelerate that movement and the sensations interpreted by the brain.” No details.


“Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces”. No details.

Simcraft Apex3

  • Roll 50 degrees       (+/- 25)
  • Pitch 25 degrees       (+/- 12.5)
  • Yaw 50 degrees       (+/- 25)


Max Speed……………..60 deg/s
Max Acceleration……..167 deg/s/s

And “ Guaranteed ZERO latency™ “.



Atomic A2

Maximum velocity
71.2 degrees/second
Maximum torque
64.4 Nm
Maximum pitch & roll
27 degrees

Motion for Simulators

Uncopyable pictures, but max 36 deg/s

Force Dynamics


Roll: +/- 30 degrees
Pitch: +/- 30 degrees
Heave: +/- 20cm (8 inches)
Yaw: +/- 90 degrees


Hmmmm, it seems like a lot of companies prefer flowery language and nice designs rather than hard figures.