Plainly our design creates a problem for cables, VR will not be wireless for a good while, unless you count mobile VR, which is cool but not what we want to use. If you have a PC or laptop in the sphere you need power (a gaming laptop battery doesn’t last very long) or if it’s outside you need to run cables to the HMD and your peripherals. we do mention induction charging in the vision goals  list, but this would be expensive and probably not the best solution.

Running cables over the top is a nice compromise but we’ve now come up with another 2 solutions. The fit nicely into the philosophy of creating everything in threes. So we have an easy solution for the ‘basic’ simulator that doesn’t add any more parts (in fact it would remove some) which makes it cheaper, the intermediate configuration uses the flexible arm and the ‘deluxe’ version means you could create a full sphere that could roll 360° in any direction, but shouldn’t be too expensive to add. This is not the same as should or ‘we encourage this’ since there are a few other issues to address, but it’s always nice to have options.

Now you might wonder what these ideas are, but perhaps maddeningly we’re not going to tell you 🙂

Suffice to say that they’re another couple of ‘obvious’ ideas that become clear when you’re building something. All will be revealed in due course….