Trying to figure out the base way to mount a chair inside the sphere, making it affordable and strong, is a little tricky. Especially if you want to continue our philosophy of ‘use one part!’ for many uses. An interlocking wooden structure is one idea, and could be cheap and very strong.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 19.10.30

While a square version is good we’re building in the inside of a truncated icosahedron, so five or six sided is better. If we want the seat to be parallel to the ground it would fit over a pentagon but it’s actually a little better tilted back so a hexagon shape is even better.

Screenshot 2015-03-09 19.50.19

The slots are not aligned but we can see pretty quickly that this wouldn’t fit together very easily :p

Screenshot 2015-03-09 20.42.29Three sides are perhaps a little better but we’d still need large slots to wiggle the thing into the assembly, and then it would still be a little lose…

The search for the ‘perfect idea’ continues! Answers in a comment appreciated! 🙂