Feel Three Giveaway


We’ve decided to run a raffle for TWO base units of the Feel Three including shipping*!

Only a few simple terms and conditions apply.

Sign up on this page so we can let you know when the crowdfunding is about to begin.

You get one entry in the raffle for signing up and for every $ you back us with you’ll get another entry#!

Make sure the email you send me matches your Kickstarter one or you might not get the right number of entries.






* We will ship to Western Europe, USA/Canada, Aus/NZ, Japan, Korea and HK. If you fall outside of these countries you can still enter but you’ll have to pay for shipping. Everyone has to pay their own taxes and charges. If you win in the UK we’ll come help you build it, if you pay for an economy airfare a member of the team will come help you build it ANYWHERE in the world 🙂

**You’ll be assigned some numbers, which you can also see on the site along with your (and everyone else’s) obscured email address. The draw will be held live on Twitch and we’ll roll some big sets of dice to find the winner. No pulling names from a hat (with only one name inside :p). If you win and don’t get back to us within 24 hours we will do the draw again! If you fall outside the places we will ship to* and don’t want to pay for shipping we will draw it AGAIN until we have a winner!

*** Winners aren’t required to participate in publicity but we’ll love to see some pictures of your sim up and running!

#Backers who order a base unit or better can’t win another one, but if you’re name comes out you’ll get an upgrade plus we’ll still raffle two base units (so we could have more than two winners).

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