Well it doesn’t seem to apply here 🙂 I printed two of just the longest sections to make sure it would fit together and it works beautifully. Of course the next step is to print 4 (or at least the connection parts) to make sure they don’t interfere with each other and then all 24 parts to be sure but so far it looks great. The user would connect a top and bottom parts together with a long rod pushed in to hold them together. This doesn’t need to be locked in place since its impossible to remove when the ring is complete. The user makes another top/bottom part and now pushes in two more rods from the top and bottom. One in held in place with gravity and the other can’t come out since the weight of the simulator is over it. Super simple!

This is a huge win for the design and manufacturing if we can get it to work. The only downside is that the previous design could be adapted to accommodate larger or smaller spheres, plus it would be possible to only need 3 or so wedges, but this version should be so much easier to use.