Being able to connect the inside of the sphere to your computer is of course, a critical problem to solve. You could use a laptop inside the sphere, but the battery life on gaming laptops is pretty terrible and you would still need to transfer the data from the gyroscope in the sphere to the master control unit. Running a cable or two is just easier.

Since the bottom of the sphere is clearly covering the base we need to bring any cables in through the top. The simplest solution is a flexible arm that wants to spring up. This is connected to another arm inside the sphere so that when the sphere pitches, rolls and rotated the flexible arm is pulled down and springs back up when the sphere is level. We use some cord to take the force so the cables are not stressed. The other arm inside the sphere also ensures that the user feels no pulling on their head as the sphere moves.

This would be easily demonstrated with a quick video but rendering the concept might be a little tricky…. have a picture instead and use your imagination 🙂


Cables x2_90