The wooden base that the chair sits on was always just a placeholder for a more permanent design, but even though everything else about the project seemed to be upgraded that stuck around. Well, no more.

Figuring out a simple strong system for armrests and mounting points for controllers has been put off for too long. This isn’t the final solution but the start of the search for it. It needs to be pretty simple, cheap and adjustable, so this at least fulfils those constraints for now. Yes, we know the steering wheel shelf would not be very sturdy, but one of our problems is that you need to get in and out of the chair, and with a steering wheel in the way this is a little tricky. Having a shelf that can be moved like this one (and then locked for use) would be useful.

We also need a method of mounting this platform into the sphere, which uses a similar idea and the same parts… perhaps we’ll show that later 🙂

armrests render 12