I had a long conversation yesterday about the project and we also discussed the concept of having quick release panels. The original plan was to have connectors that bolt the panels together, this is strong but a reasonably ‘permanent’ solution. It also means that everyone has to spend a couple of hours building their sphere, time most people would prefer to spend sitting inside it. We also recognised that some people don’t have the space to permanently keep a large device like the Feel Three, so we intended to develop an add on method to quickly create/dismantle the sphere. This would probably be more expensive but it could remove a major barrier to many people buying our Sim.

After a few hours tweaking my original ‘zipper’ design I’m beginning to think that perhaps this shouldn’t be an optional extra after all. I can imagine plenty of reviews telling people that they need to spend ages building the sphere, which isn’t perhaps the best impression to give people right away. Adding quick release tabs to each edge at the factory means everyone could be up and running in half an hour or so. The mirrored design means only one part needs to be created and tooled, and the metal retaining pins should be fairly cheap to mass produce.

quick release6

A notch in the side gives the pins something to grip so they can’t fall out.

I think I’ll do a orbit render too, my youtube channel is a little quiet 🙂