I don’t suffer from motion sickness, but I recognise it’s a big enough problem that if I want VR to succeed it needs to be looked at a little closer.

I watched the Tom Forsyth Oculus Connect talk about developing VR and he said something interesting at around the 40 minute mark about ‘blink transitions’. So you get into a car, your virtual ‘eyes’ in the Rift blink and you switch positions nearly instantly but your brain ignores this transition because of the ‘blink’ effect in the HMD….

To repeat, you’re not PHYSICALLY blinking, the screen is doing it for you.

I asked Tom, and he doesn’t know if anyone has tried it, so I threw my idea into the Tuscany demo.

You can rotate as usual with Q and E with 45 degree turns but now ‘shutters’ close for 150ms, you turn and your ‘eyes’ open at the new orientation 150ms later. You can look around as normal with your head. It’s reasonably crude but demonstrates the idea.

So if Tuscany makes you sick please give this a go and give me some feedback. If you want to steal the idea or code for your own implementation please do, or if you want to add some ideas to my repo go right ahead. If you don’t suffer from nausea then this thread is probably not for you… congratulations! :p


Constructive criticism always welcome, and if you don’t like it… well, lets see your solution to sim sickness! :p


relevant videos :