Today is the day we applied to the HAXLR8R hardware acceleration program in Shenzhen, China!

This is a great opportunity for us to kick the development into high gear since not only do we get a substantial amount of funding but we’ll be working on the project full time in the hardware and hacking capital of the world…

We’d ask you to wish us luck but there is something else you can do that would help even more.

It’s not enough to have a great design and presentation, we also need to show them that there are people in the world crying out for an affordable and awesome motion simulator. You.

So if you want to see the feelThree arrive sooner (rather than later) then please head on over to Twitter and let the @HAXLR8R guys know you want them to choose us!

Please just take the 5 seconds needed to copy this text into your browser and let them know you’re rooting for us!


You’ll need a twitter account of course.

As a bonus, for every #feelthree hash tag we see until the 20th of November sent to @HAXLR8R we’ll put you down for another 50 entries into the raffle.
Feel free (geddit :p) to change the text if you like but remember to add @HAXLR8R and #feelthree so we (and they) see it…

Also, the project now has a qualified Mechanical Engineer on the team, which is great news for the project (and our chances). If we’re accepted we’ll be adding a ‘Team’ listing to the site so you’ll finally be able to see who we are.

Thanks for your support guys, we’ll see you in game!

The feelThree team