So you already decide how many panels you use, add more motors, change your sim to a bike, helicopter, hang glider… but that’s still not enough flexibility…

We’ve been designing around a sphere that’s approximately 1.4m but it seems quite possible that people will eventually demand a larger version, so instead of redesigning a new base it’s much easier to make the original adaptable to fit a larger size. This is fairly simple and shouldn’t require too much extra hardware. Since using a larger sphere there is a greater danger of it tipping if the base remains the same size but instead we can extend each of the four base arms out to provide a wider platform. This changes the angle which the base arms would sit on the floor but it’s easily adapted with a set of simple wedges.

I’ve also spent some time thinking about all the possible problems with the design and what remains to be thought about and designed. It’s about 20 items at the moment which isn’t so huge considering the size of the project but of course if it’s ever going to be made and sold every little detail needs to be documented and working.

I would add some pictures but I’m currently reinstalling my ‘Inventor’ laptop… stay tuned..