The edge of the sphere will be reinforced with two overlapping pieces of aluminium extrusion, but will the rest of the sphere be strong enough? Well the sphere will be primarily supported by 8 castor wheels and the omni chains will also spread some of the weight onto the arms of the base. Each internal edge will be connected by at least four nuts and bolts with locking washers on each. The internal chair mount will be connected to several panels to spread the weight of the user across the sphere.

Each design will also be over weighted and tested to destruction. Expect interesting videos! 🙂

Spheres are inherently a strong structure under compression, the record holder dropped an unprotected egg 213 meters without it smashing. And although it’s not quite the same structure, check out this picture of the strength of a geodesic dome. See how the triangles form pentagons, hexagons and half hexagons? Just like the Feel Three.