Inventor has a pretty good roller chain creator, but really only creates a solid representation of the chain (or a sketch) leaving the user to fill in the actual links. I found quite a nice tool to help though the “Roller Chain Generator for Inventor” here. It’s not perfect, but it’s good for just making a simple chain section in a native Inventor format.

Screenshot 2014-11-20 16.01.02Screenshot 2014-11-20 16.10.53

I’ve also been thinking about my original idea for ‘clips’ for the omnichain and think it may be better to use a more rugged solution. Sadly though my investigations haven’t unearthed a perfect, pre built solution, some do come close though. These set of roller chain attachment links could be useful but all the types I can find have the attachment on the sides rather then the front and back.

It does however make me realise that there are factories producing these types of chains so it should be possible to manufacture a solution that can bend a link inwards and out by the rollers instead of to the sides.