I finally broke my 500 follower barrier on twitter! Some are of course bots but I’ve been ignoring them and they’ll eventually unfollow me anyway. Onwards, to 1,000!! 🙂

  1. Thou shall Tweet interesting, original stuff. Everyday.
  2. Thou shall fill out your bio, have some good pictures, a great description, a website and location.
  3. Thou shall wait until you have at least 20 good tweets before you begin to follow people.
  4. Thou shall not follow just anyone just because they follow you. Follow people in your field of interest.
  5. Thou shall not follow people without pictures or Bios.
  6. Thou shall not follow bots who only post quotes & junk or who retweet/favourite you.
  7. Thou shall not send DM’s unless it’s appropriate.
  8. Thou shall follow as many people as possible in your field of interest if you hope for a chance of them following you back.
  9. Thou shall not unfollow people who follow you, to allow you to follow more people.
  10. Thou shall only retweet interesting tweets and only because they’re relevant to you and your followers.

edit : On the 5th of December we hit 2,000 followers. So this seems to work…. 🙂