Just a quick update on the state of the project for any of you guys that were wondering if the project was still happening, well it is! We didn’t want to send emails until we had set up an unsubscribe function set up, which actually happened a few weeks ago, and something good to say. So rest assured we’re still committed to restraining our updates to important stuff and you so desire, you can unsubscribe at any time. We still hope that won’t happen because you’ll miss out on being in the new improved raffle… read on…

With regard to the Kickstarter, we’re currently looking hard at the options and *may* have an important announcement in a couple of weeks…

Now, nothing is yet set in stone but we might be welcoming an associate professor of a European University to the team. He has a Phd in Robotics, which should be extremely handy, as well as coding and electronic engineering skills. We’re still working on the details but the signs look extremely positive, and he’s also been working on a motion simulator of his own.

Assuming we work out the details we’ll also be applying to HAXLR8R shortly, this is a hardware accelerator which runs in Shenzhen, China for 4 months early next year. 111 days of prototyping, coding, finding a factory to work with and designing for manufacture. In exchange for a small slice of equity this is a major shortcut through the process and allow us to hit the market about the same time as some are estimating for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift.

We have one major disadvantage compared to the type of other teams that will be applying, in that we can’t really demo a full size prototype, the tooling for a small run of panels is just too expensive. In the mean time we’re working on our scale model as well as a version of the design in Unity3D that you can walk around and see inside the Oculus Rift.

One major advantage we do have is you guys! We want the organisers of HAXLR8R see the buzz and excitement of people who want to support a new design of motion simulator that is not only a radical departure from what is already available, as well as being stylist, safe and most importantly, affordable. It’s not enough just to have a great product, you also need customers. If HAXLR8R see that there is a established base of potential customers we’re more likely to be selected.

So we’ve added a couple of extra ways for you to spread the news, a couple of single click buttons on the website where you get your twitter friends to also apply to the raffle and help people like our facebook page. For each of these buttons we’ll give you another 10 entries into the raffle each.

Now, it’s no use telling your friends about this when you want to win it yourself right? No problem, we’re now giving TWO simulators away, with the same terms as before.

Head over to the website and click the buttons at the bottom of the first page.

The last piece of cool news is that we received a message from a journalist wanting a demo so she could write an article in the New York Times Magazine! So help spread the word and maybe she’ll get her wish sometime next year!


The Feel Three Team.