I think I may have a problem…. according to google analytics I hit the ‘thanks’ page quite a few times yesterday, which signifies someone entered their email address. However when I check my subscriber list it’s only showing 1/3 of those hits… bleh.

The form I’m using is very simple, its just dropping your email into a database along with the date/time/IP. If it’s failing to work 2/3 of the time not only is that very bad for the people thinking they’re entering the raffle, but very bad for me since those people might not come back to the site again (and won’t know the kickstarter has started!!).

I think I’ve found a more reliable plugin which actually sends a confirmation email but you can only configure it to show the same form… I guess I can try to make a copy of the plugin though….

Anyway, if you’re not 100% sure you’re signed up, use the one at the top of the post (the stupid plugin automatically goes up there…)