Well I’ve spent far too much time trying to get a simple sphere to rotate properly in unity. You would think it was a simple matter but it’s not as simple as I though. I was hoping it could be done mostly with a simple configurable joint but there are so many options in there it’s a nightmare to work out. I think I have it mostly figured out though but I’ll still need a simple script to join the joypad input to the right rotation axis and limit the rotation, otherwise it will go spinning of like crazy.

I’m also thinking of making a simple curved screen version too for a projector. A version for iracing with an iPad for the car telemetry behind the wheel would be really cool.

I’m also hoping to show a simple surfing/boarding version using the inverse kinematic built into unity. Watching c-3po standing on a board and shifting his balance as it moves would be pretty cool. I can also make a fairly realistic paragliding version too.

As soon as I get the rotation working I’ll put out a VR versions for the rift. I’m less concerned about the frame rate now I know how easy it is to hide and show the various elements with a simple script.