The website is good, I can do nice renders and demo videos but what is the best way to really present my whole concept?

Well, I’m building a hardware device that going to be used in virtual reality (duh) so it goes without saying that my customers will be people that have, or are getting, Oculus Rift headsets.

Yes, this is pretty obvious… but the twist is that if I can put my model into a simple VR demo then people can walk around it, see it moving, perhaps control it themselves, look underneath and peek inside they’ll ‘get it’ better than any 2D representation. The actual presence of VR means my core audience can experience, visually at least, what I’m trying to make. This creates a much more visceral experience of what I’m aiming to achieve…

Happily I already know Unity quite well so I don’t think I’ll need to long to put together a crude demo… It could also fit quite nicely inside the Millennium Falcon :p