I should have done this weeks ago really but I’ve been so busy. Now I wish I’d gotten on with it… 4 hours to print a 76mm wide pentagon!! Ouch. Most of this is due to the fact that I need to print the curved part with a 0.1 layer height, otherwise it just looks terrible.

I intend to connect them using magnets glued into each part. Thats generally pretty strong and also allows me to demonstrate how many combinations would be available… It’s going to take several days to print them all out though and I’ll have to order some more filament too, my ABS is getting pretty low.

While I’m at it I will try doing a omnichain link or two, I’ll use the Nylon I bought a while ago for this since this stuff could probably be used in the actually prototype. Strong, slightly flexible and really tough to pull apart… unlike ABS and PLA. I also have some ninja flex so I would be able to make a few rollers too ! 🙂