I just don’t get how they stay in business treating potential customers like an inconvenience.

This was a reply one reply to my general enquiry for laser cutting :

Need to se the drawings dxf/pdf files

That’s was it, no name, hello, regards… just one line.

I wrote back sending the drawings and received :

“Hi ,

You would be better approaching a metal spinning company and getting them to buy the laser cut part as they will know the best dims.

Regards John”

You can’t spin a non circular part, it needs cutting afterwards…


And then I got this gem:

Unfortunately I think we may have to decline. I wanted to give you a call to discuss but I can’t see any company details in your emails.

They didn’t ask me for my number, they didn’t even look at the drawing. In two seconds they could see if they could make it, instead I had to provide a load of superfluous details first…


Well, at least they wrote back… should I email the other companies that have ignored my first email? It just seems so backwards that I should be working so hard to find a manufacturer.