I was thinking about how to hold the panels together since I really didn’t want another special panel to make. I can for production but for the prototype I want to keep it cheap and easy.

plastic One of the simplest methods is to print out some curved plastic shims, from nylon probably, that can bridge the gap between standard flat steel brackets. Nylon is great for this as it’s flexible and very strong. The only downside is I would need to print quite a lot of them, but this is acceptable.

I was originally thinking of using laminated wood but this should be stronger and a lot neater.





I’ve also been working on some concepts for a better base, with several motors to move the sphere.

It might be worth developing a omni-tread. So like an omniwheel but instead we use a type of tank track that can also slide sideways. This has the major advantage of putting nearly half of the possible traction onto the sphere, greatly increasing grip.

If you compare the 8 wheeled vehicle to the right, it has more traction, but only double a regular 4 wheel vehicle. However, but using a track around the wheels the contact is greatly increased, albeit at a cost of greater complexity.