It seems like I’m getting quite a bit of traffic but the people giving me their email for the kickstarter notification wasn’t really huge. I’m extremely spam wary so don’t just give out my email willy nilly either but I thought people weren’t quite as paranoid as me….

Anyway, I figured that I should give people a good incentive to give me their details. It’s no use someone seeing my site and thinking ‘wow, I’m 100% going to back that’ and then forgetting to check back… only to find out they missed it. So a giveaway gives someone a reason to not only give me their mail but gives them a reason to back me too, even if for only a small amount.

So, full details at the top of the page, in red where no one can miss it…. right?

Not quite, someone emailed me through my contact form really excited about the project and then I noticed they hadn’t signed up :p

Can’t win em all! 🙂