Although we”ll ideally be able to place the user near the center of the sphere there will inevitably be a different center of gravity. Depending on how the user sits they would probably settle back at a 45 degree angle or so. This might be fine for some games but also means a lot of the gravity we want to mimic for acceleration is already being felt by the user.

So we could benefit from figuring out where the sphere would naturally settle and adding a counter weight to the opposite side.

Screenshot 2014-08-05 12.37.31

We can show this as the black mass at the top of the image. As long as the weight is distributed evenly across this top part of the sphere it will add some balance. We can also position these counter weights on the ‘roll bars’ as long as they’re equal in weight. We don’t want to swap the center of gravity from your butt to the side.

For sims that only have one user they should be able to set and forget these weights but it’s a good idea to acknowledge a few people might want to use them and have a simple method of adjusting the position of the weights.