I threw together a quick mockup of the base to see how I might mount the castors and motors. The closer they are the more degrees of rotation are available but too close and it needs to be quite far off the ground.

This is possibly one of those things where it is better to have the parts to experiment but I will also need a model to show on kickstarter. I found some nice castors wheels on grabcad that saved me some time too.

I really need to figure out how to make a decent cockpit. I also found some joysticks and steering wheels on grabcad which look really good, as well as a lifesize robot model which is also posable.

A few more quotes came in from alibaba and I’m still waiting on replies from some other places. Why reply or look for business if you just ignore any questions….? The one place that actually showed a picture of a curved metal panel said they would curve them and hammer out each part. They were also the most expensive quote too which makes them doubly unaccepatble. Imagine selling a thousand motion sims and waiting 2 years while some guy beats out the panels which wouldn’t even fit together…