I’m happier with the renders everyday but there is a lot to do before I reveal my baby to the world, so far only google and few spamming bots know of it’s existence. The metal fabrication places I’m getting quotes from have no idea what I’m asking them to build. However I could still do with some feedback before I design myself into a corner that I didn’t know I couldn’t get out of.

If I set the kickstarter campaign as the immediate goal these are the things I need to do to get it started.

  1. Print a Mecanum Wheel for demonstration purposes/video.
  2. Finalise the three sphere parts and get some UK quotes.
  3. Hack together a simple prototype from my mendel90 printer servos to show the principle.
  4. Modify the software on the melzi arduino board to talk to the Simtools software
  5. Improve the base design, making it wider and lower.
  6. Write a press release for the tech sites and get out for early hype on kickstarter release
  7. Shoot video
  8. Get the word out to forums and subreddits interested in the project, oculus people, flight sim people, star sim people and motion simulator people.
  9. Do some work on the gyroscope feedback loop.
  10. Add mailing list sign up and RSS to the site
  11. Start updating twitter and facebook
  12. Add a contact form
  13. Better landing page
  14. Press Kit

Since kickstarter is such nice publicity however it might be good to start that as soon as possible with the realisation it will fail anyway. More people will be interested and I might pick up some partners interested in helping me develop it. After some more work I re-kickstart the idea and hopefully it takes off.

Not much to do then? :p