Looking at the most recent version I it goes up smoothly on the edges with only half spheres but then looks like a cracked open easter egg at the top… it would be nice to have a smooth line all the way around…

With regard to the amount of rotation, the roll is great but I think we could do with more pitch. Perhaps I should go all out and make the user fit into the sphere completely, it’s probably only another 20cm diameter… If I can keep the feet inside the sphere it give us more forward roll, at the moment the user would only go upright… hardly a scary sensation, this technically is there starting position… The problem then becomes getting in an out easily, especially if we want to keep the sphere whole.


If someone overweight wanted to use it we could use these to take the side off and reattach it from the inside but it would be a big hassle and possibly dangerous because we’re wearing the thread on the panels out. Counter sunk bolts would then be better but mean a change in design… well, it’s something I’m aware and thinking about anyway.