So my Alibaba enquiry told me that the panels shouldn’t cost the earth, lets see how the prices in the UK compare. I just emailed a dozen British engineering places for quotes, or at least to get the ball rolling. It certainly seems worthwhile redesigning the hexagons with built in tabs but I will have to have a think about how to do it. I can always fake it by cutting the connector in half and making it appear that the hexagon and three of these half panels are one part… (that’s almost certainly what I’ll end up doing :p)

As for my shock at how much the UK quotes will be, I’ll happily take it on the chin since the kickstarter backers are paying and if they want seriously insane money I can jump on a plane back to Hong Kong and head over to Shenzhen for £500. I’d be very happy to be back in China for an adventure 🙂