I didn’t think I’d missed a simplification of my design but I had a quick check. Icosahedrons don’t work since they use two different triangles, 8 equilateral and 12 isosceles. I could of course change designs but then I have more chance of being accused of plagiarism than if I just keep my hexagons and pentagons.

I wonder why there was no progress on their design. Maybe the skin was too thin and they didn’t want to spend a fortune on aluminum. Maybe the gyroscopes were expensive and tricky 5 years ago, nowadays you can get rotation information to your computer with a $5 arduino and a $5 mpu-6050 gyroscope. The sphere itself could hold a very large display, but with cheap HMDs on the horizon, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe I’ll email him and ask what happened when the Feel Three is further ahead.