Before you all jump to conclusions about the information on the site I should note that good old Youtube made a unlisted video public as soon as it was uploaded, someone posted it to reddit and now suddenly, and unexpectedly, the  blog where I’m organising my thoughts is ‘live’. Well it would happen sooner or later anyway, so I decided to just go with the flow…

Therefore there are a few gaps in the information and probably the most important thing, a quick video explaining in 1 minute how it works, is missing.

However, if you pick through the information you’ll find that theoretically the Feel Three should work, and I’m optimistic for a price that most people can afford 🙂

If you think you can come up with a reason why not, well I’d love to hear from you before I waste any more time :p

If you think the idea is silly and you want a ‘proper’ motion simulator please head over to bluetiger, they would love to take your nine THOUSAND dollars for only ±20° of pitch and roll… come back for a Feel Three when your bad neck won’t let you use it any more 🙂


Please add your email to the box on the left if you want to find out when the Kickstarter launches, or if you don’t trust me with your email address (and why should you) subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up to date.

Please comment if you feel like sharing your ideas and start clearing a space in your house for when the Feel Three arrives! 🙂


First blog post is here