I was playing with this for a while. Inventor has trouble with spherical surfaces so I needed a way to work around this. I spent a while trying to get holes from the hexagon and pentagon to line up but the sphere messes up the dimensions.

Back at the drawing board I created the connector with the holes as they should be, aligned the center of the sphere. Then I built a test assembly with only the three parts and constrained them so they’re aligned properly. Next I drew a 3D sketch on the parts and mapped the holes to the panels. Then it’s a matter of adding axis and points for the hole placement and alignment.

Now I have to work them into the main model so doesn’t look like it’s held together by magic. I would also like to add punched holes on the inside since 2 or 3mm panels don’t offer much in the way of holding power when tapped but I’m not sure I have to show it, thats a problem for the real engineers.