So if a half sphere was my ideal solution where would I get such a sphere and how big would it be?

Well, the human center of gravity is around their navel

So if I could keep this around the center of the sphere I would be winning in terms of power needed to move it.

Now unless the user was sitting down then the sphere would have to either be HUGE and completely encase them but this has already been done.

They’re not hamsters dressed as humans but people in a $50,000-$100,000 sphere! Clearly this might be tricky to pull off cheaply.

So if we use this poor example to keep the half sphere small, only about 1.2m across, we could sit in it with our legs sticking out a bit. How about tilting it back? But wouldn’t we know we weren’t sitting straight?

Possibly not, we can trick our brains into ignoring the inner ear to some degree.

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