So if I was to get this to work there were other things to consider. Namely the electronics.

Happily the basics are quite straightforward. I’d already done a project with arduino for my 6DOF controller and it uses many of the same principles.

The user would move their joystick in game and the game would send a signal to the external controller moving the motors in the right direction. On the platform we place a gyroscope which measures the real rotation of the platform 1000 times a second, when the platform approaches the required rotation then the motors would slow and hold that position. We would of course need to figure out acceleration and reverse movements and the like, all in real time, but that’s why github is so useful. Someone else probably has a library to solve a similar problem and if not people can help to write it.

On the interface side there is a program with compatibility with 60+ games already called simtools. The electronics and software are tricky parts of the puzzle, but nothing that I would worry about excessively… the hardware…. mmmm :p