So I knew that in order to come up with something successful it would need to achieve a few goals.

Affordability: it needed to use cheap components, not only for prototyping it but so it wouldn’t cost a fortune.

Small to ship : If I wanted to send it around the world it would have to fit in a fairly small box while unassembled.

Light : Plastic, fibre glass or aluminium were the best options.

Attractive : If I could disguise it so people didn’t immediately recognise it then it would be more likely to be snuck in under the nose of ‘anti-tech’ wives :p

Now since I only wanted to make this for use with the Oculus rift it cut down on a lot of the weight and bulk. We no longer need to lift a bunch of screens and panels, just the user and his controls.

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//”]

Something like the BlueTiger “Full Motion” platform sells for $8-14k, and is only a simple 2 degree of freedom platform. Perhaps they sell 100 units a year, and only in the US since shipping such a massive device would cost another $600.

Clearly there would be a market for a decent alternative for under $1500, and a much larger audience.