Heave motion orbit analysis

It’s rubbish!! :p

The irony of making something, rendering it and putting it on youtube means that as soon as you see it ‘working’ you see all the reasons why it won’t work. I guess this is what people don’t realise, you have to make something first to break it, then you take what you learn and apply it to the next version, and so on. That beautiful thing you just bought was remade 20 times and you think it looks so stylish and simple that it just sprang fully formed from someone’s head :p Oh, if only you knew the pain :p

Time to break it again!

3 thoughts on “Heave motion orbit analysis

  1. Your renders are looking better and better. But the cost is looking higher and higher as well. I know the heave is an add-on, but still.

    • Thanks. The cost will stay quite reasonable I think, especially if you lose some weight :p Heave should be 100% off the shelf parts, so nothing to invent, you just put it together…

      I also have a novel plan to make the heave nice and cheap… watch this space 🙂

  2. Actually quite fascinating post … lighting is so much a part of your aesthetic, so is most interesting to see about how it was formed

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