Did someone say modular? Adaptable?

I saw an amazing video of the new Unreal 4.4 hang glider demo and realised it would be so easy to be able to use the Feel Three to really experience it.

It’s only a plank of wood attached to the half sphere, use a controller underneath if you’re lazy or build a simple bar control… Add a big fan at the front and you’re flying!

Screenshot 2014-08-16 19.21.14

One thought on “Did someone say modular? Adaptable?

  1. If I understand the concept of the video you showed a while ago of a ball balancer on mech wheels, would it be possible for YOUR simulator to register user “tilt”, while still remaining at the correct degress to allow the SIMULATOR ITSELF to act as a simple controller for this type of game (via leaning left and right)?

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