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Games will initially be supported through the application Simtools which accesses motion information for more than 80 games through the profiles on their site.

We will also provide a plugin for Unity3D and Unreal Engine which will open up native support for a whole host of games. Just drop the script on the player vehicle and we’ll do the rest.

What games do you want to see supported? Leave a comment!

25 thoughts on “FAQ : Game Support

    • Space games is a must! Will ne the reason I buy FellThree – and I will buy it asap. šŸ˜€

      ED sucks when it comes to telemetry data – the do not share this, and simtools plugin have to manually be mapped each time they update the game. Please go on frontier forum and add your voice in the threads about making API for telemtry available.

  1. Having this game in a space simulator game like Elite: Dangerous is not a bad idea, because it allows you to feel rotational accelerations. But having this in a flight simulator is even better, because not only do you feel rotational acceleration, you also feel how your body is with respect to gravity.

  2. It seems like by having rollers on axises that are always 90 degrees relative to each other, you avoid the problem of gimbal lock?

  3. And also, is it possible to have unlimited rotation in any direction? For that you need a fully-enclosed sphere, one without any large openings. I would suggest having strategically positioned holes in the sphere to allow for oxygen flow into the sphere, lest the user asphyxiate!

    • It is indeed possible, although perhaps not advisable šŸ™‚

      I would advise people who attempt this to drill a set of holes together and use a small fan to draw fresh air into the sphere.

  4. Gday mate , very nice concept do you have a working model ,
    or looking for the right people to drive this project into reality ?
    More games the better, specially space flight, please.

  5. Star Citizen and Occulus Rift has had me day dreaming of building a project like this knowing full well I’d never have the cash on hand to do it, so it’s nice to see this project. Star Citizen would make me want to have one that can enclose completely for a complete 360 in vertical and horizontal movement, cause, you know, space. But obviously having it stop upside down would feel really weird (and probably uncomfortable), so that’d probably have to have code to prevent that. But I’d definitely want one that could do the full degree of motion.

    But my most pressing question is: What is the maximum force it can turn at without popping the ball out of the base? Has that been tested? I imagine the center of gravity may change depending on the person sitting in it. I imagine that because I don’t know if its true or not.

    • The design is based around the fact that the person using it would sit at the center of gravity. This lets us turn the whole sphere faster due to the lower power requirements and also means the sphere is always balanced and not able to ‘pop out’… safety is the number 1 concern here.

    • Full 360 movement in this sim wont be what you will feel in space – due to no gravity. Only gravity in space is under acceleration, and you own interia in turns, tilts and breaking.

      Flying upside down iwill feel exactly the same as flying normal in space. I would assume the current +/-85 degree movement is perfect for space sims, and should cover what is needed of motion.

      Speed up – sim should tilt back and push you into the seat at 1G. Slowing down, it should tilt forward and have you hanging in the straps. Turns and tilts – your own intertia is what you will feel – just as in space would.

      Flightsimulators – then 360 movement upside down works as you will the earth trying to pull you out of the chair. šŸ™‚

      Any thoughts? FellThree – how will you make this work the best. Different movement for flightsims and spacesims?

  6. If you follow through on the induction power supply thing, it would be awesome to optionally make the motion range a full 360 degrees around every axis. Every combat flight simulation enthusiast would cream his pants at that…

  7. If you can pull this project off, early integration into DCS World is a MUST.
    P3D and X-Plane could also be interesting, but DCSW is a combat sim and already has some VR support.

  8. combat flight simulations:
    – DCSW: a must
    – War Thunder: VR support slept for quite a while, but now it’s top notch. LOTS of aircraft, LOTS of sceneries!
    – IL-2 BoS/BoM: not much to say, long-time reputation, VR support is slow, but will come and certainly shine in the end.

  9. We are a development game house for VR, watching this project carefully. šŸ™‚

    We have a few games coming that could benefit, watching for an SDK and interested to see where it goes.

  10. Want to have this simulator mainly for Elite Dangerous and also for WRC Rallye, Project Cars.
    Hope to see “Kickstarter” in the near future.

  11. On the games to support, I would have the following wish list:
    Elite Dangerous (though the above-linked XSimulation website lists Elite already as supported ?)
    Aerofly FS2
    Project Cars 2
    (Star Citizen once VR support is added)

    While I am posting, how about:

    1. horizontal movement restrictions to protect the VR goggles cables from eventually snapping if e.g. racing in an oval. I suppose each bend will see the according movement of the rig, but while on the straight the rig will slowly move back into default position, so when the next bend appears we again would only see movement from the same orientation we had before the bend before, and before, and before?
    2. now I won the lottery and bought TPCast, or its end of 2018 and the new CV2’s are supporting wireless – in that case I would not mind to be turned around endlessly, no VR google cable issues expected. But I guess this is where your vision goals give us a hint, that at current the cabling required to power the tactile transducers actually limits that sort of fun, right ? (motors would be on the outside so not be moved, so their power supply should not be the issue). But okay, most of us do not have wireless goggles for at least another year, and you are looking into the induction option, so perhaps we will see everything come together neatly somewhere late 2018 or 2019…

    3. I have to say I am quite excited – is there any chance to experience a demo of the rig, say as a supportive Patreon ? It’d take me 8 hours one way to come over but I would seriously consider it…

    4. I am sure you have already planned for it, and I am about to state painfully obvious stuff, but: when you enter Kickstarter make sure to demo it to some Youtubers out there, guys/gals like SweViver but also racing sim video bloggers have a huge impact on your target market. Just conside rthe success the Pimax team had with their 8K campaign – they frankly promise ridiculous stuff you cannot possibly take serious and that would normally have buried them, but the core experience with the 8K was actually impressive enough to get people hyped up that they may truly deliver on that part. I would not have believed it were it not for some video bloggers I believed to give their honest opinion. Then I travelled to a demo and was rather impressed too (though the demo was pretty limited so some question marks still remain). As a result I backed a Kickstarter campaign I did not even bother at carefully looking at in the beginning due to their unrealistic addition to the stretch goals of pretty much everything we wish for in terms of VR goggles. Longwinded story here, but the take-away is: people view such guys’ channels and would likely not hear of FeelThree otherwise – and even if they did, they might not believe you if you say its awesome, but if such guys confirm that, completely different story !

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