So, as outlined in our recent email update we submitted an application to Seedrs for some early funding. While we wait for that to be approved we started thinking of ways to try to guarantee 100%+ uptake. One thing some campaigns do is offer rewards for large investments, so invest £3,000 and you’ll get a simulator (eventually). This might seem like an expensive option but the reward is essentially free since, if all goes well, your investment would be worth more than this in the long term. This idea might gain a few largish investments but we really need lots of small investments from lots of people.

So how do you provide a reward or incentive for a thousand people to give £10 each?

Well, we have a ‘lowest investment competition’. Simply put, if you put in the lowest unique amount you’ll get a simulator after the Kickstarter. There are a couple of issues, first Seedrs might not allow it and secondly, even if they did, each campaign lists each investment amount, so we would need to ask them to hide all amounts under, say, £30.

If allowed this could be a nice way to encourage more people to invest a small amount with the change of a more tangible reward along the road.