FAQ : What makes it different?

Virtually all other platforms work on the same principle, they use linear (straight line) motion to push a platform creating 2, 3, 4 or 6 degrees of freedom. The Feel Three is the only one that rotates the user inside a sphere, creating a smooth and pleasant experience. This also means that since we don’t require large, powerful motors to lift the platform the system is much more affordable. You can still feel the road, engine and guns by adding some tactile transducers which means the subtle vibrations of the game are felt without breaking your neck.

The design and panels are also modular, so you can start off with a small base unit and if you need more movement just buy some more panels.


The motor base has plenty of space for more motors, so if you find the configuration you have just isn’t moving you quickly enough just bolt on some more motors for extra torque.