FAQ : Game Support

Games will initially be supported through the freemium application sim-tools which accesses motion information for about 60 games through the profiles on their site.

Next will come a plugin for Unity 3D, UDK4 and Cryengine which will open up a whole host of games.

We will also push heavily for support in Elite : Dangerous, Star Citizen and Eve : Valkyrie. Since these three games are being developed in the UK it might be that the developers get a visit from the Feel Three fairy… 🙂

What games do you want to see supported? Leave a comment!

22 thoughts on “FAQ : Game Support

  1. Having this game in a space simulator game like Elite: Dangerous is not a bad idea, because it allows you to feel rotational accelerations. But having this in a flight simulator is even better, because not only do you feel rotational acceleration, you also feel how your body is with respect to gravity.

  2. It seems like by having rollers on axises that are always 90 degrees relative to each other, you avoid the problem of gimbal lock?

  3. And also, is it possible to have unlimited rotation in any direction? For that you need a fully-enclosed sphere, one without any large openings. I would suggest having strategically positioned holes in the sphere to allow for oxygen flow into the sphere, lest the user asphyxiate!

    • It is indeed possible, although perhaps not advisable 🙂

      I would advise people who attempt this to drill a set of holes together and use a small fan to draw fresh air into the sphere.

  4. Gday mate , very nice concept do you have a working model ,
    or looking for the right people to drive this project into reality ?
    More games the better, specially space flight, please.

  5. Star Citizen and Occulus Rift has had me day dreaming of building a project like this knowing full well I’d never have the cash on hand to do it, so it’s nice to see this project. Star Citizen would make me want to have one that can enclose completely for a complete 360 in vertical and horizontal movement, cause, you know, space. But obviously having it stop upside down would feel really weird (and probably uncomfortable), so that’d probably have to have code to prevent that. But I’d definitely want one that could do the full degree of motion.

    But my most pressing question is: What is the maximum force it can turn at without popping the ball out of the base? Has that been tested? I imagine the center of gravity may change depending on the person sitting in it. I imagine that because I don’t know if its true or not.

    • The design is based around the fact that the person using it would sit at the center of gravity. This lets us turn the whole sphere faster due to the lower power requirements and also means the sphere is always balanced and not able to ‘pop out’… safety is the number 1 concern here.

  6. If you follow through on the induction power supply thing, it would be awesome to optionally make the motion range a full 360 degrees around every axis. Every combat flight simulation enthusiast would cream his pants at that…

  7. If you can pull this project off, early integration into DCS World is a MUST.
    P3D and X-Plane could also be interesting, but DCSW is a combat sim and already has some VR support.

  8. combat flight simulations:
    – DCSW: a must
    – War Thunder: VR support slept for quite a while, but now it’s top notch. LOTS of aircraft, LOTS of sceneries!
    – IL-2 BoS/BoM: not much to say, long-time reputation, VR support is slow, but will come and certainly shine in the end.

  9. Want to have this simulator mainly for Elite Dangerous and also for WRC Rallye, Project Cars.
    Hope to see “Kickstarter” in the near future.

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