I would rather be working on the Feel Three design than spending time on a forums defending my (still in development) idea, but quite a few people are convinced that this will never work and are determined to tell me why. All while talking about the wattage of their vacuum cleaner motors or how the panels will fall apart without a nut on the outside

I get it, it’s fine to be sceptical, but posting on public forums when you don’t know what a watt is, or repeatedly pointing out that the rift will be confused when the platform moves isn’t helping.*

Now, if you are a mechanical engineer and want to tell me I’m an idiot and I’ve missed something critical then PLEASE DO! Do it publicly if you like (although I’d prefer a PM :p)

But the engineers all know that its only a matter of force, time and money. With those three you can achieve anything.

Balancing them is the only issue and I beg your patience.



* There’s another gyrometer on the sphere.

** The cake was a lie :p