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 Feel Three is a new motion platform designed for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other virtual reality headsets.

All  the motion simulators available today are expensive, ugly and somewhat dangerous. The Feel Three is going to change that.

It’s designed purely for virtual reality headsets so it doesn’t need to move heavy display panels around. You can fit all the controls you love to use, HOTAS, pedals and steering wheels or just use a gamepad. There’s plenty of space for 5.1 surround or tactile transducers to give you a kick.

No other simulator gives you such a massive range of movement, or the level of configuration and customisation we offer.

It’s simple to assemble and store if you chose our quick release panels, with no soldering required. Games are supported using SimTools, which gives you access to 60+ modern sim, or you can patch your own titles. We’ll also work on plugins for the major game engines such as Unity, Unreal and CryEngine.

This blog will outline our thoughts and methods of design and follow the process as we Kickstart a campaign to manufacture the Feel Three.